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"Meta is leaning heavily into the lenses of trust, accountability, and democratization of AI via Open-Source."

This makes sense in my opinion. What Meta and Yann LeCun is going for is a strategy based around standard-setting (as opposed to technological edge) as a moat. Which was also proposed by mistral.ai in their leaked memo.

Technological edge is just one of many factors that leads to a winning product and business. Other arguably important aspects includes promoting the growth of an open source ecosystem (e.g tools, abstraction layers, plugins) that make the base product more powerful and easier to adopt than rival solutions.

Another factor is regulations, social trust/acceptance and ethical considerations. Meta itself is probably well aware given the social network’s past brushes with authorities and society. Crypto is another cautionary example of how being on the wrong side of these can make life extremely difficult for people trying to grow a business around it.

Democratization cannot guarantee victory, but it is probably a net benefit and the surest way to winning.

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can u explain how exactly the ghost attention do? I was so confused about how it works

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> >= 700 million monthly active users

Is this basically a fuck you to Google and Microsoft? KEK

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