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Here are some highlights of folks describing Interconnects in their own words:

From Jordan Schneider, ChinaTalk on Twitter.

nathan i've given up on reading papers now you're my only hope

From Christopher Manning, renowned computer science professor at Stanford:


From Matthew Lynley of Supervised:

Nathan Lambert, an expert currently working in the field, synthesizes some of the most complicated new developments in AI in an incredibly relatable and entertaining way.

From many others:

The best AI Substack right now.

And to be clear, we’re just getting started.

Otherwise, there are not enough people trying to explain complicated topics in AI research and how it integrates with where technology and society is going. Interconnects is trying to pioneer a new method of AI communication.

Most Wednesdays I will bring you a 5-15 minute deep dive into what I am thinking about, and its implications. Given how AI is taking over many aspects of society, there won’t be a shortage of topics anytime soon.

The content is generally split into opinion pieces and technical deep dives.

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